ATV Snow Plows: Models to Consider

Having a hard time shoveling snow? Well, here is a solution that will not only solve your problem, but also make the work more enjoyable. Simply attach a snow plow to your ATV this winter and put your vehicle to good use on those snowy days. Here some of the best ATV snow plows for your vehicle.

SnowSport plowSnowSport All Terrain Plow

The SnowSport plow has a rather simplistic design, since there are not any moving parts for the lift and mounting mechanisms. Rather than having the usual rail or tube push system, the SnowSports has two vertical risers on which the blade rides while you go forward, and rides back when you reverse. The blade will float above any terrain, and for raising the plow, it has to be manually lifted on its cradle. Due to its simplistic mechanism, there are not any chances of anything going wrong. Secondly, the blade’s lower edge is fitted with hard rubber to prevent scarring of concrete surfaces and the body of the blade is made from anodized extruded aluminum.

EMP plowEMP Plow

The best feature of the EMP plow is its sophisticated mounting bracket, which enables pivoting of the blade on any axis. Hence, while the blade floats along any surface, you are still able to push snow on either side by pivoting the blade. The blade is also fitted with two trip springs, which enables a down rotation of the blade for easy moving over hidden objects lying below the snow. The blade is straight and made of steel with a powder coating. Mounting the EMP plow is quite easy on the two-inch receiver, which is usually standard on an ATV. If the receiver is missing, it can also be bolted with the kit provided by EMP.

Cycle Country X-ForceCycle Country X-Force Plow

The X-Force model by Cycle Country has a super tough plastic blade with a ribbed design. The advantages of this blade material include lighter weight, corrosion-proofing and scratch resistance, while being almost as tough as any metal. The arc of this blade is more pronounced, so it is able to deliver a better rollover of the snow. If your ATV does not provide mounting with two-inch receiver, the company provides a mid-mount system for the underbody, which can be attached to the frame. Even when you remove the plow blade, the underbody mount can remain on the frame, as it does not affect the ground clearance of your ATV.

Boss plow

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Boss Plow

If you were looking for a heavy-duty plow, the Boss plow would be an ideal choice. A Boss plow provides a self-contained system of hydraulics, which can be controlled very easily. The control is a joystick mounted near the driver or operator and the operations are much like the remote of your TV. The Boss plow is available in the usual straight blade design or the Power V shape for moving snow. The body of the blade is highly resistant to corrosion, since it has been given a baked finish coat above a coating of zinc primer. The material used for the blade is 14-gauge steel with tough poly strips for both the edges.

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